We would like to inform you that there will be a dental exhibit in Vth National Dental Congress organized on October 27 – 29 2017 in Swiss Diamond Hotel in Prishtina.

Price for exhibition area is 100euro per m2.

In attachment you will find scheme of exhibition area in numbers from 1 to 15

Attention : interested subjects when they decide for exhibition area you are not supposed to pay any fee without prior confirmation from organizer. You will inform the organizer in advance and when you are confirmed that exhibition area is reserved than you can pay fee in the bank and bring the confirmation. Payment should be done during that day otherwise reservation is not valid.

Last day for reservation and payment is no longer that October 15th 2017

Information regarding reservation for exhibition area you will find in following link:

Registration and payment should be based on these data:


IBAN: XK0517-01-0010107295.44 (EURO)
Banking Account: 1701001010729544
During payment you will specify your Name, Last Name, Company and payment title     “Payment for exhibition area in Congress” and exhibition area reservation number.