Historical and Activities of Association

The objective for the foundation of the Dental Association of Kosovo was and still continues to be, the advancement of the professional and scientific level of the Association members, to disseminate the advanced experience of our colleagues on the national level and in particular the experience of our colleges from the developed countries. Thus creating conditions for continues quality elevation of the clinical work, diagnostics and treatment of illnesses, to foster initiative for the research and scientific work, to protect the rights of its members and to enhance the cooperation with the corresponding Association worldwide.

The Dental Association of Kosovo was established in the year 2000, but in fact different forms of organization of professional and scientific activities date as back as 1974 the year when the Dentistry Section within the Association of Medical Doctors was established.

In the time period from 1974 – 1982 the President of the Section was selected Prof. Dr. Skender Karahoda.
In the time period from 1982 – 1986 the President of the Section was selected Prof. Dr. Rifat Ymeri.
In the time period from 1986 –2000 the President of the Section was selected Prof. Dr. Osman Sejfija.
In the year 2000 the Association of the Kosovo Dentists was established its Chairman was selected Prof. Dr. Agim Islami who represented the Association until the year 2009.
From the year 2009 – 2017 the President was Dr. Sci. Ali Gashi.
From the year 2017 – present President is Prof. Dr. Blerim Kamberi.

Since its establishment, the Dental Association of Kosovo has implemented numerous professional and scientific activities, at the same time it has made continues effort for its recognition inland but also on the international level. We are constantly working in establishing new relations, with the aim of not just basic participation, but also organization of future scientific activities in cooperation with counterpart Associations of the regional countries but also in the wider contest. Many dentists of our country starting from the year 1974 until nowadays have participated in congresses, conferences, symposium and other forms of scientific and professional activities in numerous countries worldwide.